Here’s to Honkytonk!

I hope everyone is enjoying 2015 thus far. It’s been a year of several moves for me. Tess and I have moved twice and we also moved our office in January. I continue to enjoy my weekly gigs and the support of family, friends, and fans. We are cranking out some pretty serious Honkytonk every week down at Donn’s Depot. It is an absolute blast playing with Erik, Rick, and Charlie every week. I never get tired of it. I’ve got about nine years of Wednesdays at Donns under my belt now.  This month I’m playing a show on May 23rd at Donn’s with two of my honkytonk heroes, Redd Volkaert and Billy F. Dee… Should be a great show and we’ll do our best to play all your favorites. I hope to spend some more time finishing up some songs I have been working on for way to long. I am itching to get back in the studio with Chris Gage.  As always, I really appreciate everyone’s continued support. Y’all keep it real and keep it Honkytonk!!

~ Frank


What’s Going On

Once again, I haven’t been doing real well on keeping anything but my gig dates current. I hope everyone is enjoying 2014 that is now approaching mid-year already.  I am staying very busy in my real estate endeavors and continuing the difficult process of writing for my next cd effort. I did finish another song a couple weeks ago called “What Was I Drinkin’ About”. I hope y’all will come out and hear it at one of my many gigs. I am excited to say that I am getting to play a Gruene Hall gig this month with Erik, Rick, and Charlie. We have done it a couple of times before and it is one of my all time favorite venues. We will be playing on Saturday, May 31st, from 1pm-5pm then on to the Cotton Club that night from 9pm-1am. As always, I really appreciate the weekly support I get at Donn’s and Chisos Grill. I would love to see you sometime soon! Take care!



Hey Y’all

It was brought to my attention last night by my good friend and mentor, Donn Adelman, that I needed to keep my blog a little more current. That turns out to be quite the understatement.  I did finish the cd, “Is The Honky Tonk Doctor In” and I want to thank everyone who played a role and all those that have purchased it and continue to show up to support me every week.  It was quite the learning experience but was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I’m still trying to get the word out so I would appreciate any help you guys can give me. We are all so overwhelmed with technology and media these days that I have to try really hard to remember to support all my fellow musicians. Money would be a nice result but most of us keep on doing it because we couldn’t live without it!  I have been writing for the next album and have finished a few new tunes. I just posted a new one to face book called, “You Didn’t Ask Me“. It was inspired by my beautiful daughter, Chelsea. It’s a hard subject to deal with, but writing a song about it really helped me. I am always so happy to see everyone out at the gigs and I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!!





What’s Happening

They say you need to add fresh content to your website every month. Lately all I seem to be able to get done is to keep the schedule updated. I hope everyone is enjoying 2013 thus far.  I have been working on my debut cd in Moon House Studio with the “Maestro”, Chris Gage. There is absolutely nothing that Chris can’t do when it comes to music.  It has been a real learning experience and is going well.  We should be winding up in March and ready to hit the printing press.  My days are very busy performing realtor duties as the Austin real estate market has gotten very busy.  We are actually seeing multiple offer scenarios on about every deal we do  and Austin tops most lists as the most desireable place to live in the entire country. Maybe that bodes well for bigger crowds at the gigs and more cd sales.  I am playing regularly at Donn’s and Chisos Grill. Chisos Grill, in the Hill Country Galleria, has the best ribeye in town in my humble “steak expert” kind of opinion. Come see me on a Tuesday night. I play from 5:30 to 8:30 or so. I am continuing to look for new gigs so pleased stay tuned to my gig schedule page for all the latest.  I am hoping for a cd release party some time in April to be announced soon.  As always, thanks to all my loyal supporters for coming to see me. Y’all take care!




Where did this year go?

  I can’t believe it’s November. This year has flown by for me and I want to thank everyone for being so supportive of my music and coming out to see us at the gigs. My good friends, Steve and Lane Ray closed down the Mesa Ranch restaurant last month and I wish them all the best in their next endeavor. Mesa Ranch was a really special place and I made so many new friends over the last two years. I know we all will miss it and seeing the “Mesa Ranch Family”. I am still playing all my regular shows at Donn’s Depot and the family continues to grow.  We are always accepting additions to the family. I have completed several more songs and am hoping to get into the studio in the next month or so to get a demo cd done. I appreciate the good feedback I get every week and am really enjoying this whole songwriting thing.  I am currently working on a couple of new venues to play during the week and hope to have some gigs set up next month. If you hear of anything or know anyone needing some piano for the holidays, I would sure appreciate the referral. As always, thanks and I look forward to seeing all of you out at the gigs!

— Frank


July was a busy month!

This month I’ll be playing all my regular gigs at Donn’s, Mesa Ranch, and Cotton Club and have recently started playing at the Chisos Grill in the Hill Country galleria at Bee Caves.  I hope to see you out at one of the gigs!

          Thanks so much for the large turnout and support last month at Donn’s for Mom and Dad’s 50th Anniversary. It was a lot of fun and a very memorable night. Mom and Dad wanted me to say thanks for all the well wishes. This month finds me working on several new songs and working towards going into the studio this fall. I really appreciate all the positive feedback I’ve been getting on the songs I’ve written thus far, and I’m always looking for a good honky-tonk story to write about. This month’s youtube video is of me and the guys at the Cotton Club in Granger perfoming Gary Stewart’s, Empty Glass. This has always been one of my favorites and is always a hit with the dancers. The Cotton Club is a short drive north of Austin  to Granger,Tx.  There is a really large dance floor, great food, and  all ages are always welcome. As always it’s such a pleasure to see everyone at the gigs and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your continued support !!

Thanks,  Frank


Mom and Dad’s 50th Anniversary

Many of you have seen my parents, Frank and Marilyn , out supporting me at most of my gigs. My love of music started at a very early age while sitting and listening to Daddy Frank strum the guitar and sing for the family at every gathering. I am so lucky to have such wonderful parents who have always supported my music over the years.  June 30th of this year marks their 50th Wedding Anniversary. It so happens that I am performing at Donn’s Depot , Saturday, June 30th. We would love to have you join us to celebrate! Dad still gets up and sings a couple songs on most Wednesdays at Donns. Check out this video of him singing Johnny Cash’s, “Folsum Prison Blues” at the Cotton Club in Granger. I did finish one more song this month and am only a couple more away from having enough to go into recording mode.   As always it’s such a pleasure to see everyone at the gigs and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your continued support!!

Thanks, Frank



Spread the Word!

It’s been way to long since I posted anything.  Now, I could use some help. I’ve been working to develop an email list, monthly newsletter, and trying to finish a couple of songs I’ve started. I seem to have some problems juggling everything. My Mom always told me that if I had more hours, I’d be further behind. Mom is ALWAYS right. I am, however, making some progress and hope that many of my friends, past clients, and music family are signing up for my newsletter even as I compose this short blog entry. I was hesitant to put one more piece of “e-news” into cyber space. I know that we are all busy and at times a little over “e-stimulated”… but I did it anyway. I want to thank all of you who have allowed me to have a piece of your valuable time.  I am playing all my regular gigs at Donn’s, Mesa Ranch, and had a great gig at Cotton Club last Saturday with the amazing Chris Reeves on guitar. I did finish another song called “Is the Honky-tonk Doctor In” and am looking for an Alan Jackson connection if you’ve happen to have one… Just a few more songs to go for that first original cd. Real Estate continues to be very busy with the Austin market headed towards a seller’s market. As always, thanks for your support on the music and real estate fronts and I so appreciate your support… Time for songwriting… Y’all take care!

— Frank


The Learning Curve 

Hey Everybody! Get your green out it’s time for the green beer while you fight the huge crowds downtown this week.  I’m staying west of Lamar this week.  It’s been a fun several weeks since my last post. We had a great gig at Donn’s last night, complete with birthday and wedding parties. Thanks as always to my regulars who show up faithfully every week to hear us. We recorded live at the Cotton Club on the 3rd, and now starts that learning curve for me of putting multiple videos and soundtracks together. I know it’s easy for the kids, but for us older, experienced  musicians it’s quite a bit of new knowledge to process. I did get my new song “Hold On baby Don’t You Leave So Soon” up on Youtube. Y’all check it out when you have a minute.  I’m really enjoying this whole songwriting thing and if nothing else having a lot of fun with it. We continue to stay busy with real estate and I maintain that Austin is the right place to be and still a great place to live!  Check out my schedule for the month and drop by to say hello.  As always, thanks so much for supporting live music in Austin. I’m working on  a newsletter, ” Honky-Tonk Piano and Real Estate News”, and hope to have something together to send out soon. Hope your week is great!

— Frank


Live at the Cotton Club !

I hope everyone is looking forward to Valentines Day next week. I will be playing with my friend Carl Hutchins at Mesa Ranch next Tuesday.  Come out and join us for a special evening with your Sweetie!  I am happy to anounce that I have completed another original song called “Meant To Be”. It’s the second official “Tess” song!! I am planning to record live at the Cotton Club in Granger on Saturday, March 3rd, from 9pm to 1am. Please put this on your calendar and join us for the fun.  Catch me this month at Donn’s and Mesa Ranch for my regular weekly shows.  I’ll be trying out my new songs on you guys.  Things with ,Austin Texas Homes,our real estate company, are going well. We are moving to a better office space just down the hall and continue to really appreciate the leads and referrals. As always, thanks so much for your support and coming out to see me every week. Happy February!

— Frank


Looking Forward to a Great 2012 !

Wow! I meant to write a Happy New Year blog and I look up and we’re half way through January already. It’s been a busy two weeks for me with some fill in dates popping up and a good start for real estate this year. I am determined to write down “The Plan” this year. I seem to get caught up in the day to day and sometimes lose focus on the things that I know I should be doing.  Ok… maybe a little more than “sometimes”… This is a year when I plan to make good on all those good intentions.  When you see me, please ask me how the song writing is going and when I will have that first cd worth of my own songs.  I am singing a couple of songs to tthe Don Walser tribute gig at the Spoke tomorrow night and have the regular Wednesday night gig at Donn’s on Wednesday night. I am working towards doing a live recording and video shoot on March 3rd at the Cotton Club and hope that everyone will mark that date on their calendars. The more the merrier!  I’m looking forward to a great year and once again want to say how much I appreciate the support I get every week from all of you. Thanks and Hope your New Year is the best ever!

— Frank


Happy Holidays !

Well once again I can’t believe how fast the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas goes by.  It’s been a fun Christmas season seeing everybody out at our gigs. The gang at Donn’s Depot upheld the tradition of adding even more lights and making that Christmas Wonderland we’ve all come to love.  We’ve had some really fun shows in the last several weeks and it’s been great seeing all my old friends and playing music with such a great bunch of guys.  Every time I climb behind the piano I tell myself how lucky I am to get to work at something I love doing so much. I hope you all have had as much fun as I’ve had this year.  I am looking forward to many more gigs and new possibilities in 2012. We are at the Cotton Club in Granger tomorrow night and then will begin rotating between Fridays and Saturdays next year. Our first gig at the Cotton Club next year will be on Saturday, January 7th. We really appreciate everyone who comes out and who are helping the gig to become a success for us.  Bubba and Jill are two of my most favorite people in the world and if you haven’t come out to Granger, we’d love to see you some time.  Real Estate continues to constantly get better and we have had a good year at Austin Texas Homes. I appreciate all of the business and referrals from all my friends.  We have high hopes for 2012 and feel that it will be a good year for Austin.  I could go on and on about the last year but I’ll sum it up by saying that I feel so so lucky and blessed to have such wonderful kids, family, business partner, friends, fellow musicians, and an incredible woman in my life.  I want to wish everyone a healthy and prosperous Christmas season and a Phenomenal 2012!!! See you soon…

— Frank



Happy Thanksgiving!

Where does the time go? Happy Thanksgiving week to everyone!  I’ve been working really hard to get some more weight off so that I can stuff myself with all the great food on Thursday!  I have a couple of gigs this week.  Come out for Thanksgiving- eve at Donn’s this Wednesday night. My good friend, Wes Starr, is joining us on drums this Wednesday.  Looking forward to seeing my Donn’s Depot family.  This Friday we are playing the Cotton Club in Granger.  Tom Lewis of Heybale and the Wagoneers will be joining us on drums.  Come dance off some of that turkey and dressing. It’s much more fun than the treadmill !  The Cotton Club is always a good time.  I’ve had a great year and have so much to be thankful for.  Real Estate has been good for me and I’m lucky enough to get to perform every week doing what I love the most. Thanks so much to everyone who continue to come to the gigs and support us and also thank you for your real estate leads. That is what allows me to play music. Hope to see you soon !

— Frank


Thanks for dropping by!

Well it’s been a long time coming but I’m finally officially on the web.  I want to say thanks to all my family and friends who have supported me and my music through the years. I look forward to seeing all of you out at the shows.  I’m still playing at my home away from home, Donn’s Depot, on Wednesdays(excluding the first Wednesday). Catch me at Mesa Ranch Steakhouse on every other Tuesday. The BBQ Ribs are to die for.   I also started playing at the Cotton Club in Granger,TX several months ago. I appreciate everyone who has made the drive to support us. We have been doing Fridays but will have some Saturday dates in 2012.  I’m slowly but surely writing original songs working towards the first CD of “Frank” songs. Thanks for all the positive feedback. Please check my website for all my upcoming shows and if you would be so kind, sign up for all the latest info on gigs and the latest news.  Thanks again and hope to see you soon!
















































9/12- HCG-Galleria- Bee Caves
9/13- Donn’s Depot-Austin
9/19-HCG-Galleria-Bee Caves
9/20- Donn’s Depot-Austin
9/26 -HCG-Galleria-Bee Caves
9/27- Donn’s Depot-Austin

9/30- Donn’s Depot- Austin

10/3 -HCG-Galleria-Bee Cave



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