Austin, TX.) – Honkytonk piano man, Frank Cavitt, just can’t seem to sit still when he gets behind a piano. His music is filled with a love of country music and many nights of two-stepping the night away at more honkytonks than he can count.

Frank has just released his debut CD Is The Honky Tonk Doctor In on Thinking Time Records.  The original songs are drawn from years performing at honkytonks and a life’s worth of ideas waiting to get out. The title track, “Is The Honky Tonk Doctor In”, reflects on his home away from home, Donn’s Depot.  “ Meant To Be”  was written for his parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. They dance the night away at Donn’s every Wednesday for the last eight years. “I Love Lovin You”, started as a text to his fiancé and is reminiscent of the George Strait Texas swing he has danced many a night to.  He Don’t Have Much To Say” was written for  his Grandpa who lost his wife at a young age and became a man of few words. The remaining tracks are originals written in a good-ole classic country style.

Frank’s earliest memories are  sittin’  at his Dad’s knee listening to him singing all the old country classics of the 1940’s and 50’s.  There was always music at the family gatherings. His Dad on  guitar and Frank on the organ and piano.  He learned all the old songs listening to his Dad’s  old 45’s and  bouncin’ along on “ Hoppy” the bouncing ball. .. must be the reason he still can’t sit still when he plays!

Singing and playing the piano have always been his greatest passions in life. You can always find Frank playin’ or dancing’ the night away at  many of the local music venues.

For Frank, It’s always about the joy of music.  He considers himself one of the most blessed people ever, to have the music family that always shows up in support of his love for the music. Come on down and dance a few.

“I’ve known Frank Cavitt for at least 20 years.  He is quite an accomplished musician and has been playing at my night club (Donn’s Depot) for at least that long.  He has a great band, the Honky Tonk Doctors, and they fill the club with great music 3 Wednesdays every month.  Frank has a great country music repertoire.  His latest project is a really good CD album with 12 songs, 10 of which he wrote.  I’m really partial to it because of one song called “Dancin’ at the Depot”.  He has made himself into a really good composer.  I’m very proud to have him as part of my lineup of musicians.” – Donn Adelman, Donn’s Depot


           “Like a Texas dancehall on a Saturday night, Frank’s debut album is alive and rockin’ with shuffles, swingin’ two-steps, waltzes, and more… How can you go wrong?”- Erik   Hokkanen, Texas Swing Hall of Fame Member




Daddy Frank Singin’ Folsum Prison Blues at the Cotton Club in Granger









































9/12- HCG-Galleria- Bee Caves
9/13- Donn’s Depot-Austin
9/19-HCG-Galleria-Bee Caves
9/20- Donn’s Depot-Austin
9/26 -HCG-Galleria-Bee Caves
9/27- Donn’s Depot-Austin

9/30- Donn’s Depot- Austin

10/3 -HCG-Galleria-Bee Cave



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